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Navigating Real Estate with a Home Inspector in San Diego

Purchasing property in San Diego is an exciting endeavor full of possibilities. With home prices among the highest in the nation, it’s also a major investment. Having an expert home inspector on your side helps ensure you make an informed decision and avoid unwelcome surprises down the road.

As home inspectors performing hundreds of San Diego property inspections annually, we’ve seen it all. We know how to navigate San Diego real estate’s unique challenges and pitfalls. Read on for our guidance on making the most of the home inspection process.

Why San Diego Home Inspections are Essential

With home prices averaging over $800,000 in San Diego, it’s imperative to have a professional inspection before purchase. Typical issues we encounter, such as moisture intrusion, faulty electrical systems, and structural damage, can require repairs costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Identifying problems in advance allows you to negotiate with the seller, align repair estimates, and budget appropriately. Skipping inspection to save on upfront costs often leads to financial stress and headaches after moving in. Don’t become another statistic who learns this lesson the hard way.

What the Inspection Covers

Our inspectors thoroughly examine all physical aspects of the home and property. We look at:

  • Roof, attic, gutters and drainage
  • Walls, floors, windows, doors for damage
  • Electrical system and outlets
  • HVAC and ventilation
  • Plumbing pipes, fixtures, water heater
  • Foundation, structure, settlement
  • Insulation, ventilation, energy efficiency
  • Garage, decks, porches
  • Topography, landscaping, irrigation
  • Pool/spa, fencing, outdoor structures

We also check for environmental hazards including mold, asbestos, lead paint, and more. You receive a comprehensive overview of the property with detailed reporting on any repairs needed.

What to Expect During the Inspection

A typical single-family home inspection takes 2-3 hours. The inspector will begin outside, working around the house methodically. He will examine the roof, exterior walls, windows, drainage, and structures such as decks

Moving inside, the inspector will evaluate each room, operating doors and windows, testing outlets, and inspecting systems and appliances. Attics, crawlspaces, and garages are checked for structural soundness, leaks, and ventilation. Expect some minor disassembly such as removing vent covers during the inspection.

You’re encouraged to join the inspector during the inspection. This provides an invaluable education on your home’s systems. Be sure to point out existing issues you’re aware of to focus the inspection. Share any areas of concern.

Unique San Diego Inspection Focus Areas

Due to San Diego’s temperate coastal climate and hilly terrain, some inspection areas require special focus:


Small cracks are common but large fissures can indicate soil settling requiring repair. In hillside homes, retaining walls must be checked.


Improper drainage from hillsides causes flooding or soil erosion. Inspect grading, catch basins, and underground pipes.


Shingles deteriorate quickly in coastal conditions. Inspect for warping, lifting, and moss buildup.


Galvanized pipes corrode over time leading to leaks. Check for evidence of past or active leaks.


San Diego’s arid climate requires diligent pool maintenance. Inspect mechanical systems, plaster, and safety barriers.

Earthquake readiness

Water heaters should be properly strapped. Foundation bolts and framing connector hardware should be present.

Our inspectors know what to look for based on San Diego’s unique climate, aging housing stock, and coastal setting. We’ll ensure the property is ready to provide safe and comfortable enjoyment for years to come.

Using Your Inspection Report

After the inspection, you will receive a detailed report documenting any issues found. As a buyer, this serves as your repair checklist and budgeting tool. If repairs are needed, inspection reports provide evidence to request credits from the sellers during negotiations.

It’s common for most homes to have some minor repairs recommended. However, big-ticket items like foundation work or full electrical rewiring should be addressed before purchase. Thoroughly review the inspection report and don’t hesitate to ask questions about any items you’re unsure about.

Even after repairs are complete, keep your report on file for future reference. It provides a useful record of the home’s condition at the time of sale. Use it as a guide for future maintenance needs and upgrades.

Home Inspections Provide Peace of Mind

Considering the large investment, a home inspection is a minimal expense that pays dividends. A thorough evaluation by a qualified inspector provides confidence that you’re making an informed purchase.

The inspection assures you that your San Diego home is structurally sound, safe, and operating properly. It eliminates unwelcome surprises that pop up after moving in. You gain objective insights about one of the biggest purchases of your lifetime.

Our San Diego Home Inspectors Are Here to Help

With decades of combined experience, our home inspectors in San Diego have the expertise to spot issues specific to San Diego homes. We take pride in being educators and advocates for our clients. Our goal is to ensure you receive objective, reliable information to make a wise real estate decision.

We Offer:

  • Pre-listing inspections for sellers
  • Buyer walkthroughs and second opinions
  • Annual maintenance inspections
  • Green home certifications
  • Consulting on repairs, remodeling, and more

Buying or selling real estate is complex, but the inspection process doesn’t have to be. We simplify it through clear communication, proven expertise, and a solutions-oriented process tailored to you. Contact us today to schedule your San Diego home inspection.

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