Analyzing Car Brand Popularity Among Women in Africa

Women are particular when it comes to choosing cars, they search for the most reliable brands that provide top-quality vehicles. Most African women search for Japanese cars for sale as Japanese vehicles are safe and appealing. They are equipped with advanced systems. Although there are many car brands, surprisingly, only a few are popular among women in Africa.

Brands With the Highest Percentage of Female Customers

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Conversely, some brands have yet to attract women’s attention. These brands usually earn a large percentage of profit from the male audience.

Brands With the Lowest Percentage of Female Customers

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Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Buick followed by Mazda, Infiniti, and Lexus, are a few auto sales companies that achieved popularity among women. Women love to buy top-quality, stylish cars with excellent safety features. Since they make up more than fifty percent of Africa’s population, it is essential to provide them with the freedom to travel. Moreover, producing cars for women allows them to contribute significantly to the economy. These are some features women appreciate in their automobiles:

  1. Good Quality

Do you buy your make-up without checking its quality? Of course not! Quality is a top priority for women. Ladies make sure their automobiles are of outstanding quality. They ensure that their vehicles have undergone various inspection tests. The engines, brakes, and steering wheels must be in the finest condition. African women make sure that their cars have strong bodies, so they can drive through Africa’s rugged terrain without risking the lives of their loved ones.

  1. Good Mileage

Reliable auto sales companies such as Toyota, Honda, and Buick believe women should travel freely. They ensure mileage does not limit them when traveling to a faraway place. Since the best Japanese cars like the Toyota Corolla, Honda Fit, and Toyota Prius have good mileage they are popular among women.

  1. Fuel Efficiency

Going for a long drive with your family is the best way to strengthen relationships and make unforgettable memories. There should be no hindrance in a long drive for women who want to spend time with their families. Hence, Japanese companies like SAT Japan, Next Drive, and Be Forward export cars with excellent fuel efficiency to Africa. Moreover, these companies have developed and produced engines of the latest technology which consume less fuel and travel long distances.

  1. Environmentally-Friendly

Women are nurturers of a nation. They make sure that our generations can enjoy every natural resource. Modern car exporting companies have started manufacturing hybrids and electric vehicles. Hence, female African drivers can also contribute towards the conservation of the environment.

  1. Safety Features

Furthermore, ladies lay great emphasis on safety. According to a study, most women emphasize the presence of air cushions, car warning systems, and other safety features in their automobiles. They take more precautions than men when protecting their loved ones.

  1. Style

The cars we drive say a lot about us. Women prefer cars that reflect their personality and sense of style. African ladies prefer cars with strong bodies. They grab the crowd’s attention when on the African roads. Ambitious people buy Japanese vehicles like Toyota Supra and Ferrari. They are attracted to these cars from Japan due to their speed and modern design. 

  1. Spacious

Women prefer automobiles that suit their needs. They prefer spacious cars to put in their shopping bags or enjoy a comfortable ride with as many friends as possible. Moreover, big cars have more space for movement, so one can enjoy a relaxing trip, especially with children and older people, without getting a stiff body.

Cars Women Love To Buy

Some cars establish a sense of confidence and pride in women. Below are some automobiles which have won the hearts of women:

  1. Subaru XV

This automobile is popular among women due to its excellent interior and advanced safety features. Women emphasize safety more than men. They do not want to even think of their loved ones being harmed; hence, this car’s latest safety features ensure a safe drive with their families.

 Subaru XV has tested modern safety features and systems like the Reverse Automatic Braking (RAB) system. This system detects nearby objects and alerts drivers via warning sounds to avoid accidents and reduce damage. Our cars say a lot about us. Hence, this urban-style car tells viewers that women are aware of the latest trends. This vehicle shouts, ‘I’m a lady who knows. Better not mess with me.’ 

  1. Toyota Hilux

African women prefer importing cars from Japan such as the Toyota Hilux which believes women have a right to choose. The car is available with manual and automatic transmissions, allowing women to take control of their cars or sit back and relax during the drive. Toyota car prices in Japan are very reasonable.

Moreover,  women have immense love for their families and mostly enjoy family trips. So, the Toyota Hilux is a five-seater, making it easier for women to travel with children and older people. Furthermore, the Toyota Hilux is a four-cylinder car with a diesel engine of 2755cc and a wheelbase of 3085mm, which makes it a preference for many African celebrities like Tonto Dikeh.

  1. Ford Ranger

Women should be aware of everything around them; hence, the Ford Ranger has a 360-degree camera which is pretty amazing since you can see everything around you without letting anyone know. The camera provides safety by making the driver aware of objects near him, preventing accidents, and making parking a breeze.

  In addition, an attractive automobile with LED lights at the front draws the attention of other drivers to the owner and makes her stand out. These qualities of the Ford Ranger make it the most suitable vehicle for well-known African personalities like Leigh Anne.

  1. BMW 3 series

BMW is a favorite automobile of many women like Jo-Ann Strauss due to its 8.8-inch screen infotainment system, which comes with DAB radio, Bluetooth, USB connection, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

 In addition to this, it has LED headlights and a three-zone climate control system. Lastly, it is recognized as a luxury car which shows that the owner has a powerful personality and makes her win the spotlight in a crowd.

  1. Audi R8 V10

The African actress Mbatha, owns an Audi R8 V10. Mbatha loves cars; her garage has only the best quality stylish automobiles. Since the interiors of the Audi R8 V10 are made of chic leather with a classic gauge cluster, they provide a good driving experience. In addition to this, the car comes with red seat belts, which say that the owner prefers style with safety.


Driving around with windows down and music up gives women a sense of pride and freedom. Stylish cars for women make them more confident, allowing them to live through life with their heads raised like a queen. Women prefer to drive safely with their loved ones hence; car manufacturers include the latest safety features in their automobiles.  Thus, many automobile brands are manufacturing cars for female drivers which will hopefully contribute to increasing the number of independent women and putting an end to the stigma that cars aren’t for ladies.

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