Get Instant Paypal Cash by Selling the Gift Cards

Nowadays it has become common to give “gift cards” on anniversaries and birthdays to those who are distant so that they can use them and purchase whatever they want. However, not all of the gift cards belong to their usual stores or brands. And in the thought of either regifting them or using them at any other time, they were left in the wardrobe and wasted.

So instead of leaving them unused, in this article, we have come up with an idea of converting them into cash. Read it thoroughly to know how it is possible to sell gift cards for PayPal instantly.

Is it possible to sell the gift cards?

After reading the introduction, the first question that blows your mind must be this- Can we really sell the gift card for instant cash? So yes it is possible. There are various apps available that accept gift cards in return for PayPal cash or cash on any other mode. 

Without wasting time, let’s move forward and see how to get instant cash for gift cards.

Apps to sell gift cards for instant cash

Now there is no need to keep the gift cards, either use them or convert them into cash. Let’s see the list of apps that allow this feature of converting a gift card and how to get instant cash from that:

1). PayPal Zettle

PayPal Zettle allows you to convert your gift card into PayPal cash. To avail of this feature create an account either on the application or the website. 

After that, you need to provide all the basic details of your gift card along with the unique code for redemption purposes. Click on the “Gift Card” option to sell and follow easy on-screen instructions to redeem PayPal cash.

2). CardSell

Another app to convert your gift card is CardSell. Download the app, provide your details along with the card credentials and the company will immediately send you an offer. You have to accept that to redeem cash out of your gift card. Within 48 hours, it will be sent to your PayPal account.

3). CardCash

It generally provides various exciting discount offers in return for your gift card or you can just trade your card. Enter the “Store Name” and “Balance”, and click on “Get Offers”. Choose any and avail the benefit.

4). Raise

This is another application that lets you convert your gift card into cash. Both physical and digital gift cards are acceptable with a minimum balance of $10 and $5 respectively and $2000 is the max limit.

5). ClipKard

To avail of the benefit, you need to provide the card’s company name, balance, card number, etc. It will make some offers that you can accept or decline. Convert the card into PayPal cash within 48 hours of applying.

Final thoughts

There is no need to fill your wardrobe with these gift cards, convert them immediately into PayPal cash or get exciting discount offers.

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